DUET Central Library


  • Easy access to digital books
  • Helping the library keep track of new print and digital additions to the collection
  • Barcode scanning: simply being able to check items in and out
  • Barcoding: the capacity to add a barcode to a new or damaged acquisition
  • Catalog management: keeping track digitally of what is available in the collection
  • Circulation management: tracking who has what and when items are due
  • Fee collection: keeping track of fines owed to the library
  • Patron management: keeping track of information about patrons and their records
  • Periodicals management: managing journals and magazines available digitally in print
  • Reserve shelf management: for libraries that allow teachers to keep items on reserve
  • Search functions: allows patrons and librarians to complete a catalog search on various levels
  • Self check-in/check-out: allowing patrons to check their own items in and out
  • Serials management: keeping track of the serials in the library.

Courtesy: DUET ICT Cell & Central Library