DUET Moodle-based E-Learning Platform


  • Intuitive dashboard and a graphical user interface that makes teaching, learning and using it easy
  • Endless list of resources, features and activities
  • The web interface is customized to have responsive web design using HTML 5.
  • Built-in chat functionality.
  • Assessments process is very rich, automated, and customized
  • Allow users to upload files to a course from a variety of outside file repositories, including Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, and traditional computer upload
  • Fully accessible and usable for all users regardless of ability
  • Wide variety of reports and logs that allow instructors to track student progress and successes
  • Wide variety of tools available that can be turned on or off at the system level
  • Instructors can highly customize their course setup and management
  • Integration to Turnitin similarity checker

Courtesy: Siddiqui & Sabah (UGC Project); DUET Academic Departments